Old Port of St RaphaŽl

Saint-RaphaŽl, a diamond in the rough...

Well-known seaside resort

Saint-RaphaŽl, CŰte d'Azur and sunny destination is a ranked station and resort which extends over 36 kms, between the Estťrel Massif and the Mediterranean coastline of coves and creeks, to the delight of holidaymakers. Saint-RaphaŽl has a city feet in water, as well as several neighborhoods, real sights with their personality and their own characteristics: the old town, downtown, ports, Valescure, Boulouris, Le Dramont, Agay, Antheor or the Trayas. Browse and explore the narrow streets shaded by old town. Stop to visit the Romanesque church from the 12th century, whose rectory houses the archaeological museum, and then, from the top of the Tower enjoy the superb panorama on the Bay. Go to the old Port and observe the work of fishermen. Go to the beaches, push a tip to the Marina Santa Lucia.
A magical coastline
its 36 km of jagged coastline offer more than 29 beaches varied: fine sand or pebbles, shaded strikes, coves and creeks... The aesthetic qualities and the richness of the coastline of the municipality of Saint-RaphaŽl, combined with its ease of access, make a very attractive space for only recreational professional uses both.
A downtown authentic former
'District of the village"where lived raphaelois farmers now remain narrow, shaded streets that make up the old city. Every day, this district hosts a market the flowers and vegetables where you will find only food typical Provencal. A little later, stands the Romanesque church, classified a historic monument, which was enlarged in the 18th century, but built in the XIIth century! Its presbytery today houses the Archaeological Museum of Saint-RaphaŽl. Its dated watchtowers of 22 m, around the 14th century tower, offers a splendid panorama.

Archaeological Museum